Not Today!! Self Defense

90 minute self defense seminar for women

Risk Reduction and Self Defense for Women and Children

               These 90 minutes could save your life!

Gender violence and misogyny are rampant in our society.  Are you tired of it?  I’ve had enough!  Until we solve this problem in our society, this one-time, hands-on seminar will help you stand up for yourself and get home safely.  Contact us to arrange a seminar at your location!  No experience or athleticism needed.  Can be customized to all ages.

Harassment and Sexual Abuse

Every day, the media reports new cases of harassment and sexual abuse in Business, Entertainment, and Government.  Women suffer constant micro-aggressions in work and social settings.  Check out the “Woman in Red” video from CNN under the hamburger menu/blog above – would you know what to do?

Gender Violence in College

Statistics show 25% of college women will be assaulted during their college careers.  I trained  my daughters before sending them off to college.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is on the increase – Florida is #3 in calls to the National Trafficking Hotline.

Stop the epidemic!

This course can help to empower women and level the playing field.


Over 200,000 kids miss school every day because they fear being bullied

About the Seminar

Our 90-minute course consists of a 30-minute presentation on minimizing risk followed by a hands-on session where students pair up to learn practical and effective self-defense techniques to escape from grabs, choke holds, head locks, bear hugs, and many other types of unwanted advances.

No experience necessary.  No athleticism required.

Available in English and Spanish.

COVID safe presentations available.

Review “Seminars, Fees, and Details” on the top menu for additional information.



Customizable for different audiences:

  • Children
  • High School girls  
  • College women  
  • Sports teams
  • Adult Women & Professionals 
  • Women Parents of Young Children  

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thank you! Enjoyed the class and appreciate your time. (2019)

Lynette R

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with great tips and reminders for our
safety. Much appreciated. (2019)

Victoria F

Thanks for teaching us.  I am definitely interested next time you teach in ATX or RR! (2020)

Edna M

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